Is it normal to have a smell fetish?

I don't know if it's normal or not to have a smell fetish, but it's something that I can't get enough of. My wife Laura doesn't know about it and I've been satisfying my craving by taking her used panties and smelling them while jerking off. It does the job, but I need more and the only way I can get it is if I finally tell my wife about it. I decided to wait until late one evening when we were watching TV before I told her that she needed to know something about me. I was scared, but told her how much I love smelling her panties and that there was just something about the scent of her pussy and ass that really turns me on. She thought about it for a minute, then pushed her skirt up and began taking her panties off. I couldn't believe that she was really okay with this and her response was to go right ahead and do it.

He Has A Dirty Fetish With Smelling My Ass When We Have Sex!

Laura handed me the panties and told me to go to the bedroom and have fun with them. I went to the bedroom and got undressed as I thought about Laura. She seemed to really like the thought of me playing with her panties and realized that she's always been pretty easy going when it came to sex. I got on the bed and felt like a naughty teenager as I laid back and held the panties up to my nose while putting my hand around my dick. I did it slowly, taking the time to enjoy it and hard footsteps down the hall. I kept going and saw in the doorway. She was smiling and touching herself through her clothes while my fist went up and down. She came into the room and took her clothes off, then got on the bed beside me. "Don't stop." she said and watched me jerk off. She made herself comfortable and began fingering herself. It was so hot seeing her do that and I moved my hand faster. "Don't finish just yet." she warned me and took her wet fingers out of her pussy. Laura got up, pushed her dirty panties away from my nose and straddled me. Her ass was right in my face and my nose pressed between her ass cheeks as she ordered me to smell her. I put my hands on the side of her thighs and took a deep breath. Her earthy, musky smell filled my nose and it was a thousand times better than the faint wisps I got from her panties. She moved down my body and her hole opened a bit as she moved. She wrapped her fist around my dick and began jerking me off while rocking her ass back on my face. Her fist pumped me while I took long whiffs of her hole and felt my dick throb harder. She used her other hand to cup my balls and she squeezed them in time with her strokes. I felt myself get closer and I told her I was about to cum. She gently tugged on my balls while she fist stroked my dick near the head and that was it. I dug my fingers into her thighs and suddenly came all over her hand.

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Laura didn't slow down until I was done and when she let me go she slid her hand up my shaft and rubbed her thumb over my head. I was sensitive from cumming and the touch made me shiver. She climbed off me and when I had caught my breath said "Don't get too relaxed, we're not done yet!" and showed me her wet pussy.

Is It Normal To Have A Smell Fetish